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Music Theatre Mississauga | The Encore Series has provided high quality musical theatre entertainment to the Mississauga and surrounding areas since 1993.

MTM Board of Directors

Rita Ferguson | Board Liaison Co-Lead

Michael Buchert | Board Liaison Co-Lead 

Lori Smith | Secretary​

Nick Forrow  | Treasurer

Sponsorship | Vacant

Michael Buchert | Acting Marketing Director 

Director's Award

Board of Directors Award | Outstanding Community Support

Nancy Reed


Rita Ferguson | Clarkson Music Theatre 

Christine McMahon | Clarkson Music Theatre 

Nick Forrow | Clarkson Music Theatre

Muriel LaTour  | Meadowvale Music Theatre 

Wendy Guest | Meadowvale Music Theatre 

Donnie Morris | Meadowvale Music Theatre 

Michael Buchert | Theatre Unlimited Performing Arts 

Tom Hope | Theatre Unlimited Performing Arts 

Linda Amos | Theatre Unlimited Performing Arts

Heidi Cyfko | City Centre Musical Productions 

Lori Smith | City Centre Musical Productions

David Grimason | City Centre Musical Productions

Tom MacFarlane | Etobicoke Musical Productions 

Kevin Dunne | Etobicoke Musical Productions 

Bruce Jackson | Etobicoke Musical Productions 

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