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Red Chairs

About Us

Who We Are

The Encore Series has provided high quality musical theatre entertainment to Mississauga and the surrounding areas since 1993.

MTM Board of Directors

Rita Ferguson | Board Liaison Co-Lead

Michael Buchert | Board Liaison Co-Lead 

Christine MacMahon | Secretary

Nick Forrow | Treasurer

Sponsorship | Vacant

Michael Buchert | Marketing Co-Chair

Heidi Cyfko | Marketing Co-Chair


Rita Ferguson | Clarkson Music Theatre

Nick Forrow | Clarkson Music Theatre

Christine McMahon | Clarkson Music Theatre

Erica Astles | Meadowvale Music Theatre

Wendy Guest | Meadowvale Music Theatre

Donnie Morris | Meadowvale Music Theatre

Michael Buchert | Theatre Unlimited Performing Arts

Tom Hope | Theatre Unlimited Performing Arts

Heidi Cyfko | City Centre Musical Productions

David Grimason | City Centre Musical Productions

Erin Mouchian | City Centre Musical Productions

Bruce Jackson | Etobicoke Musical Productions

Tom MacFarlane | Etobicoke Musical Productions

Chris Pearson | Etobicoke Musical Productions

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Director's Award

Board of Directors Award | Outstanding Community Support

Nancy Reed

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